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I ordered this leopard print coat not because I liked it too much on the picture or because of the positive comments (to tell the truth, I never trust to testimonials, they can be written by everyone), but because the price suited me, it was so cheap, that not to make an order of such leopard coat was absolutely impossible. It arrived fast and soon I was able to wear it outside, because it got colder. My younger sister, who saw my leopard coat loved it so much! She even offered me money for it but I refused. I gave her a link costsmall and told how to order! Paola Dolo

Brown leather jacket mens

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Mens brown leather jacket

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Brown mens leather jacket

I am really impressed that you have such good collection of girls jackets at your store I am impressed by the colors of these jackets and the materials used too. I never thought that any store could have jackets in such beautiful colors which are so feminine and cute. My daughter was also watching the collection along with me and she told me that she is sure that not only she but also all her friends have never seen such beautiful jackets ever before. Diane Didro

Mens brown leather jackets

This season there is no shortage of clothing, which is able to warm, protect, and assist in the most extreme circumstances. But all these things are designed to not only warm in inclement cold weather, but also serve as a stylish addition to the most refined evening dress. But for myself I decided to buy a womens coats and jackets. I know whatever I put on it will go perfectly with the ladies coats. It is also important to me that I warm and comfortable in it. I know that its style and design are made so that the wind will not blow any cuff or the collar. Britney quiet

Men's brown leather jackets

Mens leather clothing look really good with dress pants and white shirt. I have been lusting after this look for months now. I had a picture of this outfit in mind, but I couldn't find the mens leather clothing that I really wanted to purchase. I looked in every store I could possibly see, and I was disappointed every time. I discovered the by chance, and I am so grateful that I did. I not only found one piece of mens leather clothing that I liked, but I found three. After buying the three pieces of mens leather clothing, I fell in love with the fourth but had to restrain myself. Pete

Mens leather jackets brown

What exactly is the perfect revenge when you're so broken-hearted. When that person you thought was going to stand by you just drops you all of a sudden like there was nothing at all between you two. A make-over is always the best revenge; making sure that person regrets that day. Hey, buying an mens black jacket from jacketexpress was the place to start and I now have him on his knees. I look good and this kills him every time. I suggest you do the same when that jerk blows you off and buy yourself a flight jacket too. Julio Stiles

Brown leather jackets men

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Brown leather jacket for men

I'm a regular customer of this store. It is very convenient to buy, if you live in a city where are no permanent discounts, and a small selection of clothing. I like to sit at home in the warmth at the computer and choose the new stuff. Such a 'winter' version of shopping)) About delivery - they always do it in time and had never been delayed for a long time. The novelty of this season are baby coats and ladies leather trench coat. I could not keep from temptation and bought delicious feminine coat. Sleeves decorated with a metal buckle, line of the waist emphasized with a wide belt. All decorating is made of fur sheep. Thank you very much! My joy is no limit! Anna Westerman