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I wanted pair of stylish earrings but when my daughter brought me my dream tiffany & co jewelry, I was shocked how she knew I needed this one. Actually I had visited your website for women section and selected the same design my daughter had gifted me. Before she purchased me this one I never knew we had such a harmony in choice of stuff. It feels so good to have similar thinking in shopping with your kids. Your collection of jewelry has brought me to the new revelation that how much my daughter resembles me. It is so good a feeling. Margaret

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My husband bought me these womens fingerless gloves last year. They are the only ones that I've been able to keep a hold for more than a season sense I got too old for dingbat hooks. I love that they are warm and soft but more than anything it is the classic look with the added feature of being able to perform anything involving fine motor skills. I can pick change out of my purse or grasp the right key.They aren't the warmest gloves in the world, so I would recommend they're great to use on a daily basis. Betty

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Leather4sure is shopping place for my family. My first purchase with Leather4sure was fives year back, when I ordered a suede biker jacket for myself, I was so amazed by their management and friendly environment. I ordered suede biker jacket and brown suede jacket for my brother and son. Leather4sure is offering jackets in varieties of sizes for all men's, women's, youngster, teenagers and kids as well. I am life time buyer of Leather4sure. I do all my family shopping at Leather4sure. Adrian Smith

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When I moved in this new job of mine I forgot my jackets back at home and there was no one at that time to do it for me so I had to buy couple of them at hand so that at weekend I may travel back to pick them up. With that I did not had time to go to the market so despite that I do not appreciate much using e cash especially using online or websites but this online store support in making a winter jackets possible in real quick time really impressed me and made me think about it all again.

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Left Long time this morning (new home, on the LT) temp 54 degrees, with liner. Stopped in Ft. Collins (this afternoon) on the way home at 'Beepers & More' (cheap leather jackets for men and a very nice shop), removed the liner, and bought a pair of your all season riding gloves (you guys are costing me a lot of money - - well spent). Long story short LOVE the cheap leather jackets for men!! Had lots of comments every where I stopped!! Simply want to thank you for making a quality product at a reason able price!!! As I see it the other manufacturers of riding suits have a problem if the word gets out about your cheap leather jackets for men!! Bif

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I have a feeling that leather4sure already knew that her customers loved the men's white leather belt so that it have recently put a discount on the white leather belt for men so that every customer of the website would be able to get them. With these mouth watering prices I do not think that any of them would pass. I thank leather4sure for delivering white leather mens belt, also for caring this much for the customers. Dewy Jones

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My friend who has recently started biking asked an expert advice on motorcycle leather jackets for him self. Being a friend and biker in same club I knew his requirements so I advised him to go for textile motorcycle jackets widely available for men in different colors and design. Since it made out of synthetic material it has increasing capacity to withstand with safety features also it has a wide range of motorcycle jackets from which we can chose considering our budget and requirements.